The Residences at The Miami Beach EDITION | By Ian Schrager And John Pawson | Lifestyle

The Residences at The Miami Beach EDITION are the embodiment of the “Good Life”—luxurious homes where one can live with pleasure and without effort. From luxurious penthouses, to two and three-bedroom duplexes, triplexes and a pair of one bedroom residences, The Residences are designed to meet the needs of sophisticated, modern people who understand the art of living and share the desire to enjoy the freedom of a well-run, well-designed, uncluttered life.

The Residences at The Miami Beach EDITION are not merely residences with hotel services—they are homes with on-premises “lifestyle managers.” Expert management staff will micromanage and macro-manage, not only providing concierge service, housekeeping and room service, but acting as an executive resource, with an intimate grasp of one’s tastes and needs. They not only handle day to day necessities, such as flowers, grocery shopping, or dry-cleaning, but also be equally prepared to handle special tasks from arranging for renovations to party planning. They provide extraordinary expertise, flexibility and ingenuity in catering to residents’ needs. Residents also enjoy priority access to all hotel services and amenities, including VIP restaurant reservations and exclusive access to a private beach.