The Residences at The Miami Beach EDITION | By Ian Schrager And John Pawson | The Idea

Ian Schrager is back in Miami Beach for the first time in 17 years since the launch of his game-changing Delano hotel. The Delano ushered in a new modern era and rebooted Miami Beach as a top resort destination. It was the first new hotel to come along since the 60’s, and it was truly groundbreaking. It attracted those who had previously abandoned Miami Beach for more exciting vacation locales. Now, with the city on the brink of yet another resurgence, Schrager introduces his next groundbreaking project that captures the spirit of the times again, just as the Delano did. Miami Beach is no longer simply a resort destination, but is fast becoming a bonified, world-class, international city with its vibrant art scene, first-rate architecture and cultural institutions attracting global citizens from all around the world. It is now a city second to none.
With this new coming of age, Schrager heralds in this next era and raises the bar once again. This time for residential Miami living—introducing homes fit perfectly for and worthy of this new generation of global citizens. Just as the Delano reshaped the landscape and had a groundbreaking cultural impact on Miami Beach, so do The Residences at The Miami Beach EDITION. These 26 limited edition residences set themselves apart from anything else in Miami Beach and are the most unique and distinct spaces in all of South Florida. ”There is simply nothing else like them currently in the marketplace. We tried to capture the details of life in the details of the architecture,” says Schrager. All with commanding panoramic views, each of these sophisticated and stylish “Homes in the Sky” is a one-of-a-kind, custom one-off and different from the other. This makes them perfect for the new world traveler and global citizen looking to establish roots in the new Miami.

Designed by world-renown architect John Pawson, the residences sit on the top floors of the existing, landmarked 1950s building that is The Miami Beach EDITION hotel, as well as in an adjacent, newly constructed 18-story tower. Dedicated to the “Good Life”, The Residences offer the best of all worlds: the privacy and individuality of a custom, one-of-a-kind home; the benefit of ownership; and exclusive access to all the services, privileges and amenities of a unique world-class urban resort, including a myriad of exciting and dynamic food, beverage and entertainment options. Although part of The Miami Beach EDITION, The Residences have their own dedicated private entrance as well as an anonymous “celebrity” entrance, for ultimate privacy.

Taking into consideration that people come to Miami to be outside, the outdoor spaces at The Residences are finally done correctly and are not merely an afterthought. Expansive “Outdoor Rooms” invite effortless continuity between indoor and outdoor living. Gardens literally in the sky are akin to those found in private residential homes. These extraordinary outdoor spaces feature private lap pools and plunge pools, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, fireplaces and pergolas designed by John Pawson. There is enough space for a private outdoor gym or to enjoy yoga, along with soaring panoramic views of both the ocean and the bay—a true rarity and a unique feature that showcases the bay and ocean during the day and the magic of Miami at night. Additionally, many of the homes in the new building feature expansive views of both the city and the bay while those on the top floors of the hotel have vast ocean views that make you feel as if you are standing on the deck of a ship.

It’s the art of living not the job of living. Schrager takes this concept to the next level by introducing “Residential Prêt-à-Porter” which offers residences in complete move-in condition… you only need to bring your toothbrush! For a seamless transition into a comfortable home, Schrager offers a once in a lifetime opportunity otherwise not available: custom interiors designed by John Pawson and the Ian Schrager Design Studio, including everything one would need in a household from linens to dishes, towels to cookware, all pre-selected, unpacked and put away prior to arrival. These unique homes, dedicated to the “Good Life”, offer all the benefits of ownership, the services and amenities of a world-class urban resort, and a completely managed household without the bother of managing it or the full expense of maintaining it. Schrager continues to exceed expectations by recognizing what residents want and need before they even know it themselves—a home with the work taken out of it, ideal for resort living.